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Patch notes 1.0.2

Release date: Thursday 14th July 2022

The Hospitality Workspace 1.0.2 has been released and is now available.

Important Information:

Your patch should now show: Version 1.0.2

If you are experiencing any issues with the current version, please check on Google Play or the App Store that the latest version is installed, or talk to the chatbot in the bottom right corner for more help.

Google Play Store

App Store

Patch 1.0.2 Cover photo

New Features:

  • Our biggest update is the integration of our user import system, which allows teams to sync their existing personnel database with the Barma workspace. As of today, we have integrated Planday into our system for this feature, with more on the way!

Fixed Issues:


  • Fixed the issue where replies didn’t work in channels

Push Notifications

  • Fixed the issue, that when the app was in minimized state and the user pressed a notification it wouldn’t open the relevant chat

Assorted fixes

  • Fixed bug where some users didn’t receive notifications properly
  • Fixed crash when accessing notifications for deleted news posts
  • Removed spelling errors in create and edit news
  • News carousel speed has been slowed down
  • Dashboard has a pull to refresh option to update branding
  • Fixed bug on the Dashboard where the header disappeared when navigating from messenger, after receiving a notification
  • Fixed Highlight scroll issue where keyboard would not minimize and blocked interface.
  • Improved animation when saving changes in edit profile.
  • Adjusted text in news posts for easier reading.
  • Adjusted move in action sheets for tools to include more information and a cleaner interface

Known Issues:

  • Group chat management is not yet fully implemented
  • User deletion issues where the user does not disappear from view