Skill up your hospitality staff with Barma Academy

Barma offers a range of online courses to help your employees learn

E-learning for you business

A modern educationplatform and industry relevant courses

Restaurants & Cafees

We will help you onboard your kitchen staff fast and with a higher standard

Cruises & Hotel

A business at sea or a hotel requires a big overview. Barma helps you create an overview, transparency and ensure common thread in the performance of your staff

Bars & Nightclubs

A few hours of e-learning a week creates value on the bottom line. We help you equip your employees to deliver a world-class service.

Festival & Events

Every year we help thousands of volunteers and staff at festivals and events. Barma Academy helps you through the whole process.

Save time and cost with e-learning

We make it easy for you to train your staff by embracing the latest technology in LMS. The solution from Barma gives owners and management the opportunity to create a learning- and performance culture that helps your business achieve the desired results.

Gain insight of the individual and overall development of your staff. Spot talents or dive right into the individual employee to closely study their development. Your staff’s skills will increase every time they visit the platform, and they will be motivated by fun gamification elements like points, trophies, leaderboards and certificates.

You get control and an overview of your staff’s skills, which gives you control over your business.

People progress profit

Better suited employees creates greater customer satisfaction which results in increased revenue for your business

Reduce cost

Reduce cost with easier and faster onboarding of your employees

Increase revenue

Increase revenue with a superior service and a higher employee standard


Keep an eye on the development of your business with weekly reports

Improve customer service

Employees with a higher standard will deliver an exceptional customer service

Access anywhere

Our courses can be accessed from all devices, so your employees always have the learning at hand

Minimize staff turnover

Continuous and structured learning increases employee stability

Features instructors

Tony Evald

Thomas Jarolics

Mads Schack

Jon Valdemar

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