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skill-up your hospitality staff

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Access the full potential of your staff and grow your business. Good business should equal great skills and exceptional service.

Barma Academy

Take onboarding and staff training to the next level                                                                                                                  


Barma Platform​

Get an overview of a department’s learning process or a clear one-on-one report                                                                                 


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Shift Planner and Barma

We offer to transfer all the data we need on your staff,
directly from your shift planner.

This ensures all systems to be updated and allows your staff
to be on top of their learning process, always.


Barma Platform



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Barma Academy

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What the users think

MetteCafé employee at Margueritten
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When I was first introduced to it, I thought "Are you serious?!"

Luckily the platform is super easy to use and now I have taken all the training at home. At work it provides me with a good sense of peace, knowing that I have all the right information. Both with the guests and in the kitchen.
FridaWaiter at Dining Group
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I am very happy about the tools that I have gotten, on top of that I have also gained a good understanding of just how big of an impact my job as a waiter has, when I'm with the guests.
ThyraWaiter at Evald brasserie of café
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The great thing about the platform being online is that I can use it when it works for me, both in terms of resources and in terms of when I find the best time to learn.
CecilieRestaurant Manager at Holgers Kro
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I think it’s great that we’re using the online platform for training. I get the impression that it makes things easier for our young employees.

I think they find it easier to do their training online than in a traditional classroom, where they’d be handed a piece of paper and a handbook to go through.
RasmusPersonale ansvarlig hos Margueritten
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I think it's super cool. Especially when I have new staff to train.

On the very first shift, they now have a bagground knowledge of the business. The new staff also seem to be really happy about this online part, so everything falls in to place quicker, which help save on salaries.

It is just really nifty. Nothing to do about that.


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