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2020 for Barma

A new year, new chapter and new challenges. But what happened in the past year? 2020 has been a special year, not just for Barma, but for everyone in the hospitality industry. A difficult COVID-19 time has made it difficult for all of us to navigate. We have tried to put a few words on our 2020.

New partners and courses

One of our highlights is our new partners and courses.

At the end of 2019, Barma entered a collaboration with OnlinePOS, which in 2020 has resulted in a 22-module course, which is aimed at both managers and employees, so that you can become strong in the use of the OnlinePOS cash register system.

At the beginning of the year, when COVID-19 gained momentum, we entered a collaboration with HORESTA to convert the Safe to Visit guidelines to video materials. There have been over 4,000 staff members and 200 companies registered for Safe to Visit, and we therefore consider this collaboration a great success. With Safe to Visit, we have ensured that hundreds of restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. have followed the government’s guidelines and thus ensured greater security for the guests.

In addition, we can also present Planday courses. Here are 17 modules that guide you through how to use Planday.

As the last in our extended course catalogue, we can present the waiter course. This has been a demanded course in the industry. Together with customers and the industry, we have developed the course. The waiter course helps you to train and further educate your waiters.

The Barma team becomes stronger

This summer, Barma expanded internally with competent employees. Alex, Johan and Sarujan became part of the Barma team, which helps to handle sales, marketing and customer service.

In addition, we were also able to present a new partner at Barma. Henrik Overgaard, former CULT CEO, became co-owner and new active partner. Henrik Overgaard is a well-known face in the hospitality industry, where he has for more than 25 years helped to create positive changes in a culture that exudes tradition and well-established business models. In addition, the new partner will also open up for growth abroad, where his network and international experience come into play.


What is going to happen in 2021?

These are our most significant milestones for Barma in 2020. We look forward to 2021 with the expectation of expanding our course catalog and bringing in even more partners.

We also have several courses in the pipeline for 2021. Among other things, we have begun the production of a management course with Mai Kappenberger, who has over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry. In addition, in collaboration with Illy Kaffe, we are in the process of preparing coffee courses, and we are expanding our waiter course with basic knowledge about wine. In 2021, all Barma’s courses will include subtitles in both English and Danish. We will also move on to animation videos, as these have some unique opportunities to illustrate complex elements, in both a down-to-earth and understandable way.

Sarujan Ganganithy

Sarujan Ganganithy


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