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Barmas story

Barma was founded in 2017, based on an idea to
become the leading education and knowledge
platform in the hospitality industry.
The inspiration came as Lasse over a long
period of time had seen that there was a
significant sales potential in focusing more on
the customers and their experiences, as well as
how many resources it required to replace and
train staff in the industry.

As there is naturally a large turnover of staff in a
very seasonal industry, the requirements for
education and training must be that it is fast,
easy and accessible at all levels. Therefore,
Barma was conceived as an e-learning platform
with short videos from experts and suppliers in
the industry, where one can learn about
everything from sales and service to
management and product knowledge.

Pure shots Process e-learning

Our mission

Our vision

About us

We are not only online courses.
We are not only a platform.
We have it all in one place.

We want to raise the level in the hospitality
industry. We achieve this by offering
tailored, creative and manageable e-learning on
our digital platform.

We want to be the leading e-learning platform
for the hospitality industry.


Lasse Nørremark

+45 93 75 92 50

Simon Gad Andresen

+45 89 87 77 62

Teresa Pallesen

+45 89 87 82 92