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Empower your employees' development

Barma gives you the opportunity to gather all material on a single platform - Both your own material and what we produce in collaboration with you

Handpicked and verified industry experts

You get a platform with professional and relevant instructors who train your employees . Allowing management to spend less time on training

Take control and gather

Barma Academy allows you to track your employees' development and gain insight into how they are performing

Our courses feature the best industry experts

Tony Evald

CEO and owner of Salgspiloterne

Thomas Jarolics

CEO and owner of Jarolics Sales Consulting

Mads Schack

Bar Manager and creative head at Gedulgt

Jon Valdemar

CEO and owner of Center of Konflikthåndtering

Industry relevant courses

Sales and Service

FISH! Philosophy


Theory of Conflicts


Hygiene course

The 20/20 Rule

Rum Cocktails

Verbal Communication

Bar Management

Vodka Cocktails

Pure Shots Cocktails

And many more

Get access to our hand-picked courses with the best instructors from the industry

With Barma’s training platform, you get unlimited access to relevant courses within the service industry, putting you and your employees’ professional and personal development in the driver’s seat.

Inspiration library

Barma have curated a selection of 13 videos from different courses. The aim of this inspiration library is to put the spotlight on the modern online courses that Barma offers to the hospitality industry.