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Online courses

Barma Academy

Skill-up your staff using Barma Academy. A library containing the most relevant information within the hospitality industry. Served to you as video courses, specialized in microlearning. Allowing you to educate your staff while spending less time on training.

Barma platform

One Industry

The hospitality industry accommodates many types
of companies, we serve knowledge to every single type.
Which one is your company?


Prepare your staff for busy days. With Barma they can learn about waitering, using the register and much more, all from home.


Give your guests the best experience at your hotel by educating your staff with Barma.


Shorten the onboarding process of new staff with Barma and level-up existing staff skills.

Amusement Parks

Skill-up your service staffs knowledge within their field with Barma and level-up your guests’ experience.


Keep your focus on the musical experiences and allow Barma to onboard and train your staff.


Ready. Set. SHAKE.
Uncover your staffs full potiential with Barmas e-learning.

Meet the Instructors

We want you to learn from the best! 
Our instructors are recognized as leaders in their
respective fields. Using their industry knowledge, 
they provide you with the skills to succeed.

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