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Barma Platform

Easily set up onboarding flows for your company, to make faster onboarding of new staff members. The platform makes sure your new and old staff members are being properly developed and motivated, through gamification and certificates. You can also create your own courses in 5 simple steps or access Barma Academy directly from the platform.

Barma Platform

Powerful Alone, Better Together


Get an uncompromised insight in the development of your staff by combining a dashboard overview and monthly reports about the staff's progress.


Make education fun and let the staff compete against each other, using gamification.

Education on Mobile

When onboard, your staff gets to take video courses of your choosing on their phones, computer or tablet on a platform designed to match your company.

Create FAQ

Create a FAQ on the platform to collect the questions and answers, saving time and making sure everyone has access to the knowledge they need.


Personal certificates are earned on the platform. Making it easy to spot the progress.

Customer Service

All beginnings come with questions. We are by phone, ready to answer your questions and be your guide on the journey.

Everything in One Place

We make it easy for your staff to get access to the right knowledge at any given time.


Celebrate your staff's new skills without having to monitor their journey. We send you monthly progress reports, giving you all the intell you need.

Easier for your staff,
cheaper for you

The hospitality business is all about creating a great customer experience.

Investing in your staff’s skills is a safe way to move your business in the right direction.

We invest in the future of hospitality by developing the platform every day without charging extra. This is only a small fraction of all the possibilities the Barma Platform offer.

Book an online demo and we will be happy to walk you through all the great possibilities.

Don't take our word for it. Take the users.

"Barma is filled with learning and fun at the same time. I really like, that I can sit at home and still do something work related. I think it's really cool how I first see the videos and then answer questions regarding the videos, to find out if I was listening carefully enough."

"To me, Barma has been a tremendous help, in order to get better at waitering, as relatively new to it. On top of all subjects on the platform being super relevant to my job at the restaurant, the teachers on the platform are extremely talented and master motivating me to do better and provide better experiences for the guests, completely. I am really happy about the tools I have got, and now I have a new understanding of just how much of a difference I can make for the guests, choosing our restaurant."