in their respective field

We want you to learn from the the best! Our instructors are recognized as leaders in their respective field. Using their industry knowledge, they provide you with the skills to succeed. Click on each instructor to learn more and see what courses they teach in.

Tony Evald

Tony Evald is the CEO and owner of Salgspiloterne. He is one of Denmarks most experienced expert within sales, communication, service, psychology and management. He also acts as an expert on danish television broadcast, TV2, where he comments on sales. He has coached many restaurants to deliver a higher standard and a better turnover.

Thomas Jarolics

Thomas Jarolics is an energetic sales consultant who became nationally famous when he exchanged a hairpin for a Rolex watch and made a podcast about the value of the hairpin. He has coached and trained restaurants with great success and he shares the knowledge in his courses.

Mads Schack

Mads Schack is what you can call real nerd. He is a Bar Manager and creative head at Gedulgt which was named best cocktail bar at the Bartenders Choice Awards 2018.

Jon Valdemar

Jon Valdemar is the CEO and owner of Center of Konflikthåndtering. With many years of unique experience in the restaurant industry, he is here to please your employees, to prevent and manage conflicts. He also appears on danish television broadcast, tv2, as an expert to comment on conflicts.