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Become a Barma Intern!

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Who is Barma?

Barma is a revolutionary digital learning concept delivered on a digital learning platform for the service and restaurant industry. We help restaurants provide education through e-learning. We provide access to supplier knowledge and online courses in our Barma Academy. We have Smukfest as a customer with 10,000 volunteers on the platform and Fjord Line with 1,000 users. You will be part of a startup that is experiencing great growth and development.

We at Barma provide a structured onboarding, so you can get started as easily and quickly as possible. We have had quite a few interns over time, which has helped us develop the best onboarding plan. If you become part of Barma’s young and ambitious team, you can expect to have to put on the work gloves, as you will be given a great responsibility.

What is it like to work at Barma?

Anders Jepsen


Ana-Maria Pacurar

Product Developement

Michael Burns

Product Developement

Rasmus Agergaard


Why choose Barma?

At Barma, you become part of a friendly and relaxed environment with happy colleagues who at the same time take pride in their professional craftsmanship. You can get an interdisciplinary horizon expansion through close collaboration with several different educational and experience backgrounds.

Barma is located inside Den Gode By, which is an office community with other start-up companies, where you can get sparring.

Table tennis is played every day, and the one who wins the most becomes the table tennis champ of the week. There is also free fitness in the building, which can be used, before and after work.

You will be in a work environment that is both friendly, but also expectant. You are expected to be able to work independently and organize your work tasks. You are ambitious and like to develop. You love working performance-based and struggle to achieve your goals. You are structured and conscientious. You are thorough in your work and put an honor in the end result.

You will not regret an internship at Barma as you will be seen as an employee and not a coffee picker.

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