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Compliance Made Easy

Ready to boost your employees knowledge and ensure your business stays compliant in the Norwegian hospitality sector? You have to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving hospitality industry, and online compliance training can help you do so. 

We Currently Offer:

Food Safety and Hygiene

Equip your team with the latest best practices in food handling, storage, and preparation. Our course covers critical topics such as temperature control, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitization, and pest control.

Responsible Alcohol Service

Ensure that your staff is fully trained in responsible alcohol service, including age verification, recognizing signs of intoxication, and intervention techniques. Our course is based on the regulations set by the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs.

Workplace Health and Safety

Protect your employees and guests by understanding the fundamentals of workplace safety, including risk assessment, emergency procedures, and ergonomics, in line with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's regulations.