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CEO and owner of Jarolics Sales Consulting

Thomas Jarolics

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Basic of Sales

Introduction to Basics of Sales

Module 1 – Personality Sales

Module 2 – Rapport

Module 3 – The 20/20 Rule

Module 4 – Nonverbal Communication

Module 5 – Closed-ended Questions

Module 6 – Open-ended Questions

Module 7 – Power Questions

Sum up of Basics of Sales

Implementing Basics of Sales

Introduction to Implementing Basics of Sales

Module 1 – Implementing Personality Sales

Module 2 – Implementing The 20/20 Rule

Module 3 – Implementing Rapport

Module 4 – Implementing Nonverbal Communication

Module 5 – Implementing Questions

Basic Leadership

Introduction to Basic Leadership

Module 1 – Goal Setting

Module 2 – What Creates Success?

Module 3 – Circle of Control

Sum up of Basic Leadership