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Unlock the full potential of your employees and empower your business with e-learning from Barma

Unlock the full potential of your employees and empower your business with e-learning

It is important for your new employees to have a good experience from the very start. It will reduce much of the uncertainty they experience. 

This blogpost is for you who want to know more about what e-learning is and why it’s a good idea to use e-learning to help your new recruits get the most out of working for your company. 

We have divided it into 4 sections:

1: Get confident employees faster with online training

2: Help your employees reduce their errors

3:  Save money with e-learning when replacing staff

4: Create a safer working environment for new employees

1. Get confident employees faster with online training

The more new employees you have to onboard each year, the more important it is that everyone gets the same basic training. This can be difficult to achieve during periods when some employees are about to leave and at the same time new employees need on-site training. You may need to have your relatively new team members train brand new employees on procedures and systems they are not completely familiar with. Or they simply don’t remember everything yet.

If you have a good workforce of experienced employees who know their stuff, you’ll get through training new employees more efficiently. With e-learning, your employees will get up to speed faster by combining online training with on-site training. The very same day your new employee receives their contract, e-learning allows you to provide them with access to all your training material in one place. All stored information and knowledge about your systems, products, machines, protocols, etc. is available online at any time and place.

Not only will your employees learn the ropes faster with e-learning, you as a manager will also avoid answering the same repetitive questions the new employees might have.

2. Help your employees reduce their errors

Your employees learn from the mistakes they make, so it’s important they know they are allowed to make them.But if the same mistakes are repeated by every new employee, then better onboarding needs to be ensured. Both to save costs by eliminating them, but also to ensure your employees are happy on the job. Because making mistakes is never fun, and especially the big ones hurt both the manager and the confidence of the employee.  

With online training, you can gather all your training material yourself, along with online training courses from the e-learning provider of your choice. This ensures that upgrades in your systems and machines are always up to date and your employees are familiar with them. The vast majority of mistakes are usually made at the very beginning, so it’s crucial that your employees know what to do from the start. E-learning will replace their paper notes with a platform they can access 24/7 to acquire new knowledge or refresh the old one.

To sum up, so far you’ve learned that with e-learning you will have:

1: More confident employees

2: Fewer questions from staff

3: Reduced employee absenteeism

3. E-learning saves you money when replacing an employee

Did you know that it costs 36k on average to replace an employee? A new employee is not as efficient as the old one straight away, which is expected, but there are also costs associated with the training the new employee needs. These costs are often overlooked.

Hospitality industry figures show that it costs on average DKK 36,967 to replace an employee for a restaurant that only has on-site training. This is a lot of money that can potentially be saved with e-learning.

As you may know, the opportunities for on-site training have been very limited in the past few months. Online training can help you ensure that previous training is not lost and continue building on it in a more efficient way.

Barma has resulted in more confident and productive employees from day one and reduced training shifts from 4 to 1.5.

4. Create a safer working environment for new employees

As mentioned before, physical training has been limited, which means many new employees have more time between their shifts and more procedures to learn in shorter follow-up shifts. It’s natural to forget things, but the longer it takes for employees to put their knowledge into practice, the more knowledge is lost.

With e-learning, you can revisit the programs you have the hardest time with when you’re behind the counter. By being more confident in the systems, procedures and products your staff will be able to focus on delivering the best customer service possible. Especially for new employees who need to perform quickly and learn a lot of new things at once, being able to take several online programs in the comfort of their home and ahead of time is a huge help. Especially when it comes to systems like checkout and table reservations, it’s definitely an advantage if the employee had already watched the programs online and learned about the most important features.

One of the great advantages of e-learning is that the information you wish to communicate to your employees is the same EVERY TIME, reducing errors and ensuring that everyone has access to the same knowledge. Things won’t always go according to plan – the POS system might break down or the steak won’t have the right colour, but in such situations it’s about your staff getting the right training to deal with such situations. 

With e-learning, you can prepare your employees for hypothetical situations that might happen in the future.If you don’t have the resources to make videos on your own, make sure your LMS provider has the relevant courses. You can see here Barma’s online selection of programmes. We have everything in one place from sales and service, hygiene courses, conflict management to coffee courses.

Do you need help choosing the right e-learning platform? 

Barma offers a wide range of features on the e-learning platform that enhance the employee experience. You can see how we differentiate ourselves from other LMS systems for e-learning below.

E-learning platform for the Hospitality Industry more than just LMS

With Barma, you can customize the content to the needs of your employees. You cannot only upload your own materials such as: personnel handbook, product knowledge information and step-by-step procedures, you can also choose from the +250 industry-relevant learning modules that Barma offers.

Sum up

Make onboarding a great experience right from the start and reduce much of the uncertainty new employees experience.

With e-learning, your employees have knowledge at their fingertips 24/7 wherever they are. That means that you don’t have to spend resources on the most basic training and can instead focus on more important issues. You’ll save both money and time.

E-learning gives you the possibility to start training your new employee before their very first shift. They will feel confident, make less mistakes and be more productive from day one. That also means they will be much less dependent on the experienced staff, who can therefore go about their work without distractions. All this will lead to better customer service and higher productivity, improving your bottom line.

Helene Meier

Helene Meier


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