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Courses with Experts

Tony Evald

Tony Evald is the CEO and owner of Salgspiloterne. He is one of Denmarks most experienced expert within sales, communication, service, psychology and management. He also acts as an expert on danish television broadcast, TV2, where he comments on sales. He has coached many restaurants to deliver a higher standard and a better turnover.

70 minutes

Leon Birdi

Leon Birdi is acknowledged as one of Denmarks most talented teachers within business development. He took his edutation with the consultant firm, Cultivator and gained his experience within the field with Avis Biludlejning and a divers list of IT-companies.

92 minutes

Jon Valdemar

Jon Valdemar is the CEO and owner of Center for Konflikthåndtering. With many years of unique experience in the restaurant industry, he is here to please your employees, to prevent and manage conflicts. He also appears on danish television broadcast, tv2, as an expert to comment on conflicts.

95 minutes

Thomas Jarolics

Thomas Jarolics is an energetic sales consultant who became nationally famous when he exchanged a hairpin for a Rolex watch and made a podcast about the value of the hairpin. He has coached and trained restaurants with great success and he shares the knowledge in his courses.

54 minutes

Mads Schack

Mads Schack is what you can call a real nerd. He is a bar manager and creative head at Gedulgt which was named best cocktail bar at the Bartenders Choice Awards 2018.

44 minutes

Courses With Partners


The SAFE TO VISIT courses are made in collaboration with HORESTA and are your guidelines in a time of uncertaincy. They help you make sure all of your staff is consistently updated.

44 minutes


Planday makes it easier to onboard your staff on their platform by offering online video courses. Your staff til get access to all there is to know about Planday, without any involvement from you.

39 minutes


Educate your staff within the registersystem. These courses will help them to get onboarded faster and prepare them for the first shift.

36 minutes

Pure Shots

Help your waiters and bartenders to level up the service standard by giving them access to the best serving tips and tricks with Pure Shots.

23 minutes

The Next Normal

The Next Normal is a series of interviews made for HORESTA members. They give you insights in what to expect from the hospitality industry post COVID-19.

160 minutes

Corona Courses

A quick program on how to adapt to the situation. The courses are made to ensure that all of your staff has the same COVID-19 training.

7 minutes

Courses Only With Barma

Waiter Course

Guides your frontstaff to a professional and effecient guest greeting at all stages of their visit.The training is brought to you in 12 modules long.

72 minutes

Hygiene Course

Incorporate a high and consistent hygiene standard by ensuring all of your staff have the same training

75 minutes

Vegetarian Course

What is the difference between vegans and vegetarians?
Get the answer to that and much more about vegetarians in this course.

Vegan Course

Educate your staff in vegan eating habbits, so they are ready to welcome the guest in a proper manner.

Get to know the foods to be attentive to. Learn about the vegan alternatives.

How to use the Platform

Learn how to use the Platform once and for all or use this course as a reference work. We will teach you how to use the Platform to your advantage.

Find the right program.
change from module to module.
Understand your learning data.

Comming Soon

Coffee Course

With this course your staff will learn how to make the most popular coffees and all the classics. They get fundemental knowledge about the coffee machines and a short introduction to coffees origin and historical evolving.

Learn how to use the equipment.
Learn how to make simple but stunning latte arts.


It is crutial for your staff to be educated in allergies and how to make sure the guests needs are taken care of. With this course then learn when and how to pay extra attention

They learn about the allergies,
how to talk about it with the guest and is taught about how to handle allergies in general.


Get to know Illy and what makes them one of the leading coffee brands in the world.

Get insights in their hostory.
Get knowledge about their products.
Learn how to use their products .


Become fast, thorough and efficient in your housekeeping. Understand optimal timemanagement when completing different tasks.

Fill the cleaningcart correctly.
Know the cleaningaids and their remarks.
Learn how to clean a room quick and efficient.


Barma's Courses

Learn to use the platform once and for all or use the course as a reference work. We teach you how to use the platform’s features to your advantage. Find the right application. 
Switch from module to module. 
Understand your learning data.

Courses With Experts

Courses With Partners

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